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Marmora, Ontario, Canada, Water Treatment Plant

Project Summary:

Project Type:

Design, Build and Service

Project Category:

Municipal Drinking Water

Project Purpose:

to remove turbidity and colour
Design Flow: 2,000 Cubic Metres per day
Year of completion: 2006

Full Description:
Napier-Reid: Marmora

Gravity Filtration WTP in Marmora, Ontario
Napier-Reid supplied a gravity water treatment plant (WTP) for the Municipality of Marmora, Ontario, Canada, to treat the surface water from the Crowe River.

The Municipality of Marmora which has a population of approximately 1300 was in need of a new WTP in 2005 to provide water for the 714 households meeting the Ontario drinking water standards.

The Treatment Process
Napier-Reid designed the two train gravity water filtration system to treat high colour, low turbidity and low temperature (<4  C) water at a design flow of 2000m3/day. The system includes two filter trains, each consisting of: one rapid mixer, one flocculator, one clarifier, one filter cell and lastly, one granular activated carbon(GAC) filter for removal of residual taste and odour.

The filter train was manufactured from aluminum plates. Sternpac 50 is used as coagulant which is dosed at the rapid mixer and polymer (Aquafloc 468) is used as a binder to be dosed at the flocculator. The clarifier settles the floc formed as a result of the reaction of coagulant and colour and tubidity. The polymer binds the floc together to promote a rapid settling of the floc. The clarified water flows from the top of the clarifier into the filter. Macrolite was used as filter media in the filter cell which has a superior filtering capability and high loading rate up to 24.2m3/m2hr. Sodium hypochlorite is used as a disinfectant after the water passes through the UltraViolet light system (UV). Online instruments monitor feed flow, effluent flow, tank level, pH, chlorine and turbidity.

The complete filter system is automated with an Allan-Bradley PLC 505. The filter and the GAC tanks backwash automatically based on time, high turbidity or headloss. Napier-Reid also supplied the SCADA system to monitor and control the entire water plant from low lift pump station through distribution to the municipality.

Design Flow:2,000m3/day


Effluent (specified)

Effluent (Actual)

Colour (TCU)




Turbidity (NTU)




The system has produced water exceeding the specified effluent criteria.


Gravity Water Filtration Plant

Marmora, Ontario, Canada

Design Flow: 2,000 m3/day   

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