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Pelican Falls, Ontario, Canada, Microfiltration and Nanofiltration

Project Summary:

Project Type:

Design, Build and Service

Project Category:

Municipal Drinking Water

Project Purpose:

to remove giardia, cryptosporidium, dissolved organic carbon and colour
Design Flow: 280 Cubic Metres/day
Year of completion: 2000

Full Description:
Napier-Reid: Pelican Falls

Membrane Filter Package Plant in Pelican Falls
Napier-Reid treats river water for use as potable water in Pelican Falls, Ontario, Canada.

Pelican Falls First Nation High School, near Sioux Lookout, had a requirement for potable water supply in 1999.

The Treatment Process
Napier-Reid provided a membrane filter package plant that consists of two separate filter trains, each comprised of a roughing filter, a cartridge filter, a UV unit, a micro-membrane filter, a nano-membrane filter, and lastly, a granular activated carbon (GAC) filter complete with a common control panel.

The incoming flow splits to the two roughing filters of the two filter trains. The roughing filters are used to remove the larger particles, which account for most of the dirt in the raw water. When the water leaves the roughing filters, it passes to the membrane filter skid. The first component on the membrane filter skid is the micron cartridge filter, then an UV disinfection unit, then the actual membrane filters. There are micro-membranes followed by higher density nano-membranes. Pumps in the membrane skid are used to force the water through these membranes and provide circulating water to keep the membranes clean. The discharge from the membranes passes to the GAC filters where any remaining colour or odour is removed. The GAC effluent goes to the clear well for distribution to the school and residence units.

Design Flow:280m3/day


Effluent (specified)

Colour (TCU)



Turbidity (NTU)



DOC (Dissolved Organic Carbon) (mg/L)



THMs Potential (mg/L)



Iron (mg/L)



<1.0 (May 1 to Nov.30)



Removal or Inactivation




Removal or Inactivation



The system has been running for about 10 years, providing an effluent that complies with the specification.

Membrane Filtration package plant

Pelican Falls, Ontario, Canada

Design Flow: 280m3 /day

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